Miao Hui-Xin

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Oxford professor and art historian, Michael Sullivan, illustrates the work of Miao-Hui-Xin in his book Art and Artists of 20th Century China and refers to Miao as "a star peasant artist." It may be misleading to identify Miao with the commonly perceived peasant art of China. Miao is indeed a peasant and works on the land along with his father, but unlike many peasant artists in China, he has not turned to mass producing crude graphics for the tourist trade. Miao Hui-Xin is an extraordinarily gifted painter who creates art spontaneously. His work has been shown in China, Australia, the U.S. and Europe, and several of his paintings are in the collections of the National Gallery in Beijing and the Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Professor Wang Gongyi of the China National Academy of Fine Art at Hong Zhou praises Miao's work as inspired and feels that he is well beyond the point where he would be improved by formal training. Miao has a quality of unconscious sincerity which expresses his private fantasies. He is not burdened by the weight of schools or traditions.

White Lotus Gallery director Hue-Ping Lin first met Miao during one of her trips to China. She traveled to the village of Jia-Xing in Zhe-Jiang province to visit him and talk with him about his art. She was deeply impressed by the originality and poetic immediacy of Miao's work. But more than that, she was moved by the artist's sincerity and his unvarnished simplicity.

White Lotus Gallery is pleased to present the work of Miao Hui-Xin. We hope that you will come to appreciate the innocence and the infinite delight of discovery in this art and that you will share with the artist a view of "the greater reality."

Selected available works

 A Piece of Cloud
Village in the dream
Too Much
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Journey (to the US)
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Daughter Miao Yu
Peasants Eating Corn



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