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Featuring Jon Jay Cruson, Helen Liu, Satoko Motouji, Connie Mueller,

Jamie Newton, Nancy Pobanz, Gary Tepfer, Li Tie, and Mike Van


Exhibition Dates:  January 14th – February 28th

Upcoming Show

Art in Daily Life: 19th and 20th century Japanese Hanging Scrolls

Exhibition Dates: March 3 – April 1, 2017

Traditionally, in a Japanese home, a kakejiku or hanging scroll, would be displayed in the tokonoma, an alcove designed specifically to show paintings, pottery, and flower arrangements. The hanging scroll would not be displayed permanently but rotated according to the seasons and for special occasions.

One of the great aesthetic pleasures of the tokonoma is choosing from a collection of hanging scrolls and objects d’art an arrangement that resonates with the season. In a tearoom, it is particularly important in setting the aesthetic mood or spiritual tone of the tea ceremony.  This practice, which dates back over 500 years, connects art to daily life in a way that is uniquely Japanese.

This exhibition will feature 19th and 20th century paintings in the hanging scroll format by several well-known Japanese artists including Kono Bairei (1844-1895), Mori Getsujo (1887-1961), Sakakibara Shiko (1895-1969) and Konoshima Okoku (1877-1938).