Wetlands: New Paintings by Margaret Prentice

Exhibition  Dates: April 7th – May 20th

Artist Reception: Saturday, April 8th at 2 pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, April 8th at 2:30 pm


Having grown up in Indiana and also living for a number of years in Arizona and New Mexico, Prentice spent many years living without water nearby.  After moving to Oregon in 1986 to teach in the Art Department at UO,  she became fascinated with the proximity of water – the vast ocean, the fast moving waters of the rivers, serene lakes and waterfalls.  She learned to sea kayak, preferring to paddle in wetlands with birds nesting and grasses growing up through the water.  She loved the sound of her paddle moving through the water with the landscapes dancing in the reflections.

Prentice has always enjoyed making artworks in series, allowing multiple images of the same subject to express a story in greater depth.  “Wetlands” is just that, a group of paintings that explore some of her favorite places to walk by water in all seasons.  She began the paintings for “Wetlands” last August with flowers blooming and continued to paint through fall’s colors and then into the winter with overcast skies covering bare trees.  The atmosphere in each painting embodies the emotional response she had to a particular view at a specific moment , a record of her feelings and states of mind throughout the seasons.


Prentice is currently Professor Emeritus in the Art Department at the University of Oregon where she taught for 26 years.  She taught drawing, intaglio and relief printmaking, papermaking and artists’ books.  She received her BFA from the Univ. of Arizona and her MFA from the Univ. of Colorado.  Over her long career, Prentice has exhibited her prints in over 250 exhibitions nationally and internationally.  Her work may be found in over 55 public collections including the Houghton Library and Harvard University, Dartmouth University, Northwestern University, the National Library of New Zealand and the Getty Museum Collection, among others.