Beyond Creative

Japanese Prints Since the 1950s

Exhibition Dates: September 24 – November 13, 2021

The Creative Prints (sōsaku-hanga) movement was conceived in Japan in early 20th century. As a departure from the collaborative traditions of ukiyo-e and the New Prints (shin-hanga) movement, the Creative Prints artists distinguished themselves as sole creators – from drawing the designs to carving the blocks and printing – motivated by a desire for self-expression. We are proud to present a collection of prints by some of the most notable artists from the movement, including Hashimoto Okiie, Maki Haku, Saito Kiyoshi, Sekino Jun’ichiro and Watanabe Sadao, as well as contemporary printmakers such as Hamanishi Katsunori, Hiratsuka Yuji and Kaneko Kunio.

Click HERE to view a Gallery Walk video of the exhibition.