Play: Yowa Nasake Ukina no Yokogushi (​与話情浮名横櫛​) often called Kirare Yosa (​切られ与三​) Authored by ​Segawa Jokou III

Adapted from a true story, the Kabuki classic Kirare Yosa centers around the secret romance between Yosaburou, adopted son of a merchant, and Otomi, concubine to a powerful gang boss. When their love is discovered, Yosaburou is punished with slashes all over his body and Otomi, thinking him dead, throws herself into the sea. The ending, however, is a happy one as both Yosaburou and Otomi survive and meet again years later and rekindle their love.  This print features a scene from the beginning of the Act II in which the comedic character, Aishou, delivers a letter to Yosaburou from Otomi asking him to meet her that night at the villa of the gang boss, who is away.

Actors: ​
Nakamura Fukusuke II 中村福助​ (1839-1867)
​Jitsukawa Enjaku 実川(實川)延若​ (1831 – 1885)