Play: Yayoi Zakura ​Shiranui Monogatari​ – The Tale of Shiranui (Abundant Sakura version)

The Tale of Shiranui is one of vengeance and magic, following the story of Princess Wakana, whose family was murdered by the Kikuchi clan while she was young. She was saved by a ​tsuchigumo, a giant magical earth spider, and taught combat and wizardry. In this scene Princess Wakana is disguised as a man and clad in chainmail she prepares to cross swords with one of the Kikuchi retainers, Akisaku. One of the men who slaughtered her family, Akisaku is depicted as a man so ruthless and evil that he kills animals for sport.

Jitsukawa Yaozou II 實川八百​藏​ (1838 -1892)
– role: Akisaku, retainer to the Kikuchi clan
Ichikawa Udanji 市川右團次​ (1843 – 1916)
– role: Princess Wakana 若菜姫